The final result of the Greening of Splendor on March 16th 2014

See the full list of worldwide iconic landmarks that Splendor joined for the Global Greening. 

image of The Greening of the Splendor building
photo: Foppe Peter Schut


image the greening of amsterdam

In just 6 days members of the Irish diaspora and friends of Ireland and music worldwide raised the funds to light up the venue for St. Patrick's Eve green in our Indiegogo crowdfuding initiative.  A huge thank you to all who contributed. 


At 7.30pm on March 16th, Splendor was illuminated in green, to join the iconic landmarks wordwide celebrating St. Patrick's.

See the full list here.


Any further contributions go directly to St. Patrick's Amsterdam 2015. That's right we'll be back!

The Greening of Splendor Hall of Fame

Frank Rouers
Ellisa Terry
Quinten Terry
Colm O'Riain
Ad van Roosmalen
Jane Daly
Grainne Tallot
Larry & Lily Daly
Norman van Dartel
Charlotte de Cloet Downey
Mairead Henchion
Norma Marnane
Than van Nispen tot Pannerden
Finn van Roosmalen
Ciara Artem
Aidan Casey
Alan Casey
Ian Casey
Patricia Casey
Ken Casey
Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous