A Message from the Chairman

As you may know, St. Patrick's Festival Amsterdam was set-up in 2014 by Deirdre Daly and Aisling Casey to showcase the best of Irish culture, heritage and identity. In celebrating excellence, achievement and cross-cultural communication, the Festival has had the honour of hosting very many renowned Irish and international singers, musicians, composers and conductors, poets, writers and journalists, storytellers and chefs, actors, animators and producers.


One great new initiative last year was our first ever #Real Irish Halloween. This family event was a great success and we'd love to keep it going this year and into the future. For 2020 we're also hoping to facilitate an Irish Film Festival in the run up to the St. Patrick's Festival.


However, funding is a problem. The festival is a non-profit and runs on the goodwill of volunteers and the generous support of sponsors. Ticketing covers at best 20% of our costs - the massive shortfall is made up of Arts Funding, Irish Cultural and Government grants and, vitally, corporate sponsorship. Very special thanks is due to a number of great sponsors, sponsors that are proud to support us in, and associate themselves with, our celebration of Irish and cross-cultural excellence and achievement in the arts, in business and in our wider shared society.


Unfortunately, this year we have seen a serious drop in the amount of grant funding received and we do not expect matters to improve greatly. We really need your help to secure our future. I would like to call upon you, our community here in Amsterdam and beyond, to look to your companies and professional business networks, to share our mission - the celebration of Irish and cross cultural excellence and achievement - and to see how that mission can resonate.  CRH and Miller Turner / Sterling Energy are two great examples of companies that get it - there must be more!


Please get in touch with me via info@stpatrickamsterdam.com with any ideas, suggestions.


We hope you enjoyed this wonderful celebration in March 2019 with families and friends. Let's see what we can do to keeping it going, stronger than ever into 2020 and beyond. 



Patrick Ryan,

Chair, St. Patrick's Festival Amsterdam  

& The DeeAispora Foundation 


Patrick Ryan, Chair, St. Patrick's Festival Amsterdam